Following the success of the international version of the Adult Dietetic Pocket Guide (DPG adults), authors Nicolette Wierdsma, Hinke Kruizenga have collaborated with paediatric dietitians, Luise Marino and Rosan Meyer, to write the Paediatric Dietetic Pocket Guide (DPG paediatrics).

The DPG paediatrics has been developed to support an evidence-based and uniform approach to nutritional support, with the aim of reducing variation in clinical practice to improve nutritional and clinical outcomes for all children.

This team of experienced dietitians have drawn on their collective decades of knowledge to write a pocket guide that contains a wealth of relevant information designed to help all health care professionals working in the paediatric care settings to complete a full dietetic assessment in order to reach a nutritional diagnosis.

In addition, this pocket guide also provides a summary on the most up-to-date nutritional management strategies of specific conditions as well as the assessment of nutritional outcomes.

The book can be purchased via this website and via Amazon.

For more information and interviews with the authors, please contact us.

NOW AVAILABLE – A Paediatric Dietetic Pocket Guide 1NOW AVAILABLE – A Paediatric Dietetic Pocket Guide 2

Contents, list of figures and tables of DPG paediatrics

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