The Dietetic Pocket Guide has two editions: The version on adults (2017) and the paediatric version (2019).

The Dietetic Pocket Guides are is designed to help dietitians working in all care settings and with all patient groups to complete a full dietetic assessment and diagnosis.
These guides contain a wealth of relevant information, tests and criteria and cover nutritional status, energy- and protein requirements, macro- and micronutrients, the gastrointestinal tract, classification of organ failure and diseases, interpretation of laboratory test results, measurement of losses from the body, relevant medication and interactions with food, assessment of body composition and other outcomes for the assessment of patients’ somatic, functional, psychological and social status.
The DPG adults and DPG paediatrics has been developed to support an evidence-based and uniform approach to dietetic diagnosis. It is linked to this website where you can find additional resources and model patient cases that illustrate the dietetic diagnosis.

Dietetic Pocket Guide adultsInfo on the Dietetic Pocket Guide 1

Authors: Nicolette Wierdsma, Hinke Kruizenga and Rebecca Stratton

288 pages, €30,95

Publisher: VU University Press
ISBN: 978 90 8659 754 3
NUR: 893

DPG adults has also been translated into Czech.

Foreword, contents and contributors

Dietetic Pocket Guide paediatrics

Authors: Luise Marino, Rosan Meyer, Hinke Kruizenga and Nicolette Wierdsma

Info on the Dietetic Pocket Guide 2

365 pages, €32,50

Publisher: VU University Press
ISBN: 978 90 8659 798 7
NUR: 893

Contents, list of figures and tables

Info on the Dietetic Pocket Guide 3Info on the Dietetic Pocket Guide 4